dHEDGE Top Index (PoS) (DTOP)

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About $dTOP

dTOP is a tokenized index mirroring the best traders on dHEDGE. The dHEDGE platform crowdsources the best managers around the world and ranks them based on their risk-adjusted returns. With dTOP anyone can easily get exposure to the best traders through one ERC-20 token. dHEDGE ranks managers based on their Score. The Score in turn is a reflection of a value-weighted risk-adjusted return measure called Sortino Ratio. At the end of each month, dTOP rebalances to the 10 pools with the highest rank (place 1 to 10 on the dHEDGE Leaderboard). Each pool has a weight in the index relative to their Score. dTOP is managed by a bot that constantly tracks the pools in the index and their underlying exposures and also pays the gas for all the rebalancing it’s doing. 100% of Performance fees are shared with managers of pools included in the index.

Where to Trade dHEDGE Top Index (PoS) (dTOP)

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