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About $NXTT

Next Earth leverages the surface of the Earth as a starting point for the project, having sold over 400,000 virtual land NFTs since August 2021. Virtual landowners become active participants in the Next Earth economy, where they will have the ability to run businesses, participate in the DAO governing the Metaverse and receive income for the activity that takes place on the platform. VR and user created content will be essential in the democratised future, but Next Earth builds its foundations on creating a self-sustaining Metaverse economy first. So it will have massive opportunities in the future to be able to deliver state of the art technical solutions, by the time the Metaverse is ready to truly welcome and entertain users 24/7. After the introduction of NXTT the company will publish a series of proposals called NEIPs that will shape the future of the platform and serve as a roadmap. The community will be able to vote in the best and most promising NEIPs, getting a significant say in which direction Next Earth is going. However, building a profitable Metaverse is just the beginning. The endgame of Next Earth is a fully DAO controlled state of the art self-sustaining platform, that will head into becoming a non profit organization by time, with allocating all of its income outside of the platform operations to environmental charity.

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