Cfoforum Token (PoS) (CFO)

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About $CFO

Potato Media is an open forum platform for comprehensive content. Anyone can contribute content here to gain rewards for their creativities. No matter you are content creators or active users, you can easily transform your content and engagement into measurable value to earn relative rewards by mining machenism that are related to your contribution. CFO is the native token from Potato Media, as a credit of contributing and generating creative contents, and is also an incentive token for the community. Combining the functions of staking and incentive mechanism, CFO tokens encourage creators to keep generating contents and connecting to all other users. In this way, contents with high quality will be continually posted and discussed among users, impelling a self-driven platform.Therefore, Potato Media provides a strong motivation for all users to involve in our ecosystem. Moreover, CFO will not only be used on our platform but also in the entire ecosystem.

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