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About $HNY

"Hive Investments (https://hive.investments/) is a Polygon based DeFi as a Service (DaaS) protocol that allows Hive NFT holders to reap sustainable DeFi yields in the form of our $HNY token, which is paid out as daily rewards. The funds generated from our mints are used to fuel a treasury which is utilized in a myriad of ways: 1. Investing in a wide variety of professionally managed basket of crypto assets such as blue chips and stablecoins via DeFi ?? 2. Fueling our VC branch known as HiveTank which invests in the top upcoming projects across all of crypto, with an emphasis on DeFi ?? 3. Building and expanding the Hive ecosystem such as Hive Academy ?? (https://hiveacademy.io/) and our native NFT marketplace known as Hexagon ? (https://hexagon.trade/) We also believe in giving back to the world and one of our missions is to become a leading donor to bee conservation in the world. Thus, we have pledged 1.5% of all mints to our philanthropic branch known as Hive Conservation which is estimated to help contribute over $1 million dollars to saving the bees ?? If you would like to learn more, please feel free to read our whitepaper (https://hive.investments/whitepaper.pdf) and Medium articles (https://medium.com/@hiveinvestments) ??"

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