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About $YAMP

yamp.finance is an automated crypto lending platform for users of Polygon, BSC, ETH and SOL. Yamp.finance can use LP tokens as collateral for automated lending across 4 different blockchains. The goal of yamp.finance is to virtually eliminate the risk of impermanent loss to liquidity providers. yamp.finance is an automated crypto lending platform for liquidity providers on Polygon, BSC, ETH and SOL. These LP token backed loans can be used for trading, staking, or other purposes, but the most interesting case is to use loans to increase one's liquidity providing position. This allows yield farmers to multiply returns many times without adding any additional funds of their own. This is called leveraged yield farming, and it's what Yamp is designed for. A leveraged yield farmer can multiply their QuickSwap or PancakeSwap yields to up to 10 times. YAMP token holders control governance, profits, and reserves generated by interest and fees on the Yamp lending platform.

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