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About $MCASH

Monsoon Finance is a multichain privacy protocol building a suite of privacy services for DeFi users on every smart contracts blockchain. Monsoon uses zk-SNARKs to break the link between cross-chain and wallet-to-wallet transactions. Monsoon is building three privacy services: a wallet-to-wallet privacy tool, a multi-chain privacy bridge, and a multi-chain privacy DEX. The wallet-to-wallet privacy tool is a fork of Tornado Cash that supports multiple different EVM blockchains (including BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonbeam, Acala, etc) with a built-in protocol fee. The multi-chain decentralized privacy bridge will allow users to move assets across any blockchain in a completely private and decentralized way. Monsoon nodes will stake MCASH to validate cross-chain transactions, but these transactions use zk-SNARKS to prevent nodes or any onlookers from linking deposits to withdrawals. A majority consensus amongst staking nodes must be achieved for transactions to be processed, meaning the process is both decentralized and private.

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